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Collected Writings

:iconikilleditplz::iconsaysplz: YES INDEED!!!! :nod:

We have now concluded our very :heart: pride and joy,

the :flame: 6th ever Lugosiana!!!! :woohoo:

Especially for the purpose of this contest have the judges been

imported from the non-Wi-Fi area in the Carpathian mountains, briefly reanimated,

tenderly drowned in blood and champagne - and only then have they agreed to
- under pain of immediate sunlight :sun: - come to an unanimous decision;

here's the result of their Moot!!! :fuzzydemon:

:star: :star: :star: 1st place and 1200 points: :iconharlequinqb: with his work:

The Monster the Bride and the Bat by HarlequiNQB :iconfearmeplz:

In our modern day and age the ''three for the price of one'' is just too good an offer!!! :giggle:

Since this group has strong ties to all three characters, your work represents and perfectly captures

the very Spirit of Lugosi-camaraderie! (... So it's really FOUR for the price of one! ;))

:star: :star: 2nd place and 400 points: :iconelef8eria: with her work:

the blood is the life by elef8eria :iconwooooplz:

An utmost creepy depiction of THREE iconic bloodsuckers, coming to get us from the darkness of our minds! :faint: (Hail to the undead!)

:star: 3rd place and 400 points: :iconchaosfive-55: with his work:

Her Tainted Lips...
Beware the darksome maid, Shavaughn,
Who stalks barefoot across the lawn
From her cold dark-veinéd marble tomb
To gnaw your soul and seal your doom...
She casts her spells of madness wild,
This strange and lovely woman-child
Whose long dark tresses and pale skin
Conceal the horrors that lurk within...
Her tainted lips part in such a smile
That would make Van Helsing run a mile--
O, linger not! Beware her eyes!
In love and dread her victim dies
As her impish laugh rings through the night
In macabre, wicked, pure delight...

Our by now *resident haunt* :D came through once more with a blood curdling rhyme! :w00t: (Thank you, Jeff! :rose: )


:bulletyellow: :holly:

Sincerely, thank you,:blowkiss:esteemed horror enthusiasts, :furious: for being here with us

and especially for helping us in bringing another successful year to its close -
as the new one, full steam ahead ~ begins! :holly: :santa::iconexitplz:

Greetings from the Gory Other Side,

ever faithfully,

Sunset by PAULLONDEN & :iconraven5677: & :iconmoonplz: & :icondarksaxebleu: & Sunrise by PAULLONDEN

P.S.: Please :target: SEE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS - the prizes have been distributed and the Feature folder updated!!!! :)

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Random from Favourites

:heart:General COOLness (on many subjects) from folks who probably left DA ...
Their works live on!:iconbeauroseplz:

Latest Favourite Artists

Dragon Wings(FREE) by luisbc:iconiamavampireplz:Dragon Wings(FREE) by luisbc

Newest Members

Incidental, yet important - TRIVIA!


:bulletorange: CRITERION issued Island of Dr. Moreau DVD, excellent quality + niiice EXTRA educational material! GO GET SOME!=P

:bulletorange: BRAM STOKER'S Dracula JOURNAL - found!…

:bulletorange: Carla Laemmle :rose: - is pushing towards her 103 (!!!) year of life and you better know who she is!… She also shares the birthday with Béla Lugosi ... :bulletred:…

:bulletblack: Hilarious!!! - yet educational POPcorn n' ROSES :rose: MOVIE podcast ARCHIVE:pnr.pnrnetworks.popcornnroses.… -- amusing & sweet BIO's: Lugosi, Karloff, Lee, Price, etc.: --> click & save, listen and learn!!!

:bulletblack: Fun Lugosi links to check out: TRIVIA:…
FAQ: What did Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price REALLY say at Béla's funeral? Find out in this…
FILM POSTERS: Original Béla film posters:…
and lobby cards:…

:bulletblack: He did: 1.) theatre (minor, supporting and main roles), 2.) silent movies (even with Murnau!), 3.) the talkies: three of them in colour (of which two survive as such). Most of the early movies are reported to be *lost*.

:bulletblack: Statistics from his theatre Dracula, Los Angeles Times, 1928:

a.) Faintings: 110.
b.) Shrieks: 20 per performance.
c.) Husbands summoned to escort wives home: 10 per performance. (What were those wives doing there all alone ... :))

:bulletblack: Self parodied the ''blood thirsty bogeyman'' on many occasions (so did Christopher Lee --> :bulletred:…). Might be convenient to ask - why is the great cape so difficult to shake off :furious:. (Minus the fangirls.)

:bulletblack: --- April 20, 1932: Béla Lugosi did a laugh-clown-laugh stunt at the Carthay Circle theatre the other night. He tripped back stage, fell and broke three ribs, but went on with his performance of ''Murdered Alive''. (Oh, the irony!)

:bulletblack: Played all THREE Universal characters: Dracula & The Monster & *A* Werewolf (which bites Talbot).

:bulletblack: Find your group - Grouple :icongrouple: - you may never suspect they are out there!

Gallery Folders

Gosh, not the REVIEWS ...


:iconbatplz:*** ''... ENTER of YOUR OWN FREE WILL ... '' *** (meaning: courteously add yourself in the group :))

'bout time a decent Lugosi espirit cropped up :)!

:bulletblack: The name: ''camaraderie'' means a room-mate: so, if you wish to share the looove :heart: - this is the place to be. Welcome, if you're at least mildly interested or just wanna look cool ;) - please, do join!

Witch Kitten by angelishi* ---> (If you have many groups on your Menu already: change your *Watching* setting to a plain Member - without receiving either artworks or blogs and pop here & check the novelties for pleasure at your leisure.)

:bulletblack: MOTTO: Everything vaguely or otherwise related to Béla Lugosi :blackrose:; fan-works, material and infos in one cuddly convenient place. (*Patience, still under construction.)
BUT - considering how great many artworks are out there, we're BROAD SPECTRUM group, covering a few other areas of interest :blackrose: to keep the fun going - although it's mainly Béla's Show!

:bulletblack: WEB RESOURCES: (we re-check links once per year)
Kitten Pumpkin by angelishi
:beer: Fansite :bulletred: ... AMAZING corpulent GALLERY and more!!!
:beer: GARGANTUAN photo portraits: :bulletred:…
:beer: Vampire haunts London: page packed with infos, recordings, photos ...…
:beer: {Lugosi - Karloff: bio/history/films: RECOMMENDED! :bulletred:… } <--<--<--<--<-- BOOK
:beer: {And anyone up for Gary D. Rhodes' opus?! :bulletred:… - Cheers, Gary!:wave:}

:bulletblack: REASON D'ETRE:

Even now he's getting attention almost exclusively due to eerie camerade Dracula :furious:
- which is EXCELLENT -
but he did play other parts; those should get more recognition too.
Go & see ''The Black Cat'', infidels ... :iconcatplz:

:star:FILMS:star: that (*fingers crossed*) WILL stand the test of time (+ link to download/see the movie):

01.) The Midnight Girl (1925) {… seek more clips! :thumbsup:} 02.) Dracula (1931), 03.) Charlie Chan: The Black Camel (1931) {… :thumbsup:}, 04.) Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932), 05.) Island of Dr. Moreau (1932) CRITERION coll.!!! w BONUS material!!! 06.) White Zombie (1932) {… :thumbsup:}, 07.) The Black Cat (1934), 08.) The Raven (1935), 09.) The Phantom Ship (Marie Celeste - second HAMMER film!) {… :thumbsup:}, 10.) Son of Frankenstein (1939), 11.) The Dark Eyes of London {… :thumbsup:}, 12.) The Wolf Man (1941), 13.) The Corpse Vanishes (1942) {… :thumbsup:}, 14.) The Ape Man (1943) {… :thumbsup:}, 15.) The Body Snatcher (1945), 16.) A Cask of Amontillado (1949) {… :thumbsup:}, 17.) Mark of the Vampire (1935), 18.) Voodoo Man (1944) {… :thumbsup:}.

The ones, that have a fair chance in someone's secret closet collection:

01.) The Deerslayer (1920) {… :thumbsup:}, 02.) The Thirteenth Chair (1929), 03.) The Devil Bat (1940) {… :thumbsup:}, 04.) Bowery at Midnight (1942) {… :thumbsup:}, 05.) Black Dragons (1942) {… :thumbsup:}, 06.) Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943), 07.) Scared to Death (1947) {… :thumbsup:}, 08.) Bud Abbott & Lou Costello meet Frankenstein (1948), 09.) Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) {… :thumbsup:}, 10.) Bride of the Monster (1955) {… :thumbsup:}, 11.) The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1934) {… :thumbsup:}, 12.) Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) {… :thumbsup:}.

:bulletblack: ----------- the IMPORTANT one!!! :#1: ˙˙˙˙˙˙ #:blackrose:[]:blackrose: ˙˙˙˙˙˙ :target: = :star:FREE:star: movies - Internet Archive of old & dis-copyrighted movies, audio and books which you can see or download with no trouble or threat of imprisonment, lol. SUPER STUFF!!! Use it to your :heart:'s desire ...

P.S.: a friendly advice: forget what you saw in ''Ed Wood'' (1994) and read the books :above:. For accurate Edward D. Wood Jr. portrayal see ''The Haunted World of Edward D.Wood Jr.''(1996) - fairly made and with respect towards ALL involved + instructive commentary: :bulletred:


:bulletblack: RULES:Bloody Skull by angelishi

1.) Close to zero censorship - with strong exceptions as followed:

1.1) harsh language & bad manners shall not be tolerated.


:thumb181704843: That's it. Have fun, kids. ;)


:bulletblack: About status of co-founders and contributors we can have a chat over a nice cup of tea. Just ask! (We won't bite ... much ... We're really nice. *:evileyes:*)




Raven III by luisbcSupport Classic Movies by SeioraiWe accept affiliations ... just ask!Support Classic Movies by Seiorai

*Profoundly greeted peekaboo practitioners*

:iconbatsplz::iconwatchingyouplz::iconbatsplz: ... ... ... :icondramaticplz::iconsaysplz:Yeah, you!
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